És Bisztró


There’s more to the steak than meets the palate. ÉS Bisztró combines the mastery of its chefs with the quality of premium meat and power of its broilers to raise the stakes on steak.

Sirloin, rib eye and tenderloin are sourced from Austrian farms, chosen by the restaurant’s dedicated butcher. The age of the animal and the percentage of fat are the most important criteria for these cuts. During a 28-day dry ageing in Austria, the meat is losing up to 15% of water. As a result, the aromatic flavour is getting stronger and the meat more tender. The portions are cut daily and never kept in vacuum bags, so the flavour does not get lost. The Southbend broilers from the USA get to a heat of 620°C in 90 seconds, which sears the meat very fast to protein perfection.

The signature herb steak is prepared from rib eye, the best of beef. It’s the softest, most succulent, slightly fatty but certainly most irresistibly delicious part of the animal. After maturing dry, it is coated in suet, richly herbed and perfumed in basil and lavender, along with various other aromatic herbs like thyme and tarragon. The suet is removed first, as well as the herbs from the meat, and it is prepared to taste in ÉS Bisztró’s show grill. The dish is served on a wood-heated slate tile, with optional side dishes.