És Bisztró

ÉS Deli

ÉS Deli integrates New York’s delis, the dessert drinks of popular coffee chains and the world of authentic “specialty coffee”. New wave coffees apart, the menu comes complete with crispy, fresh gourmet sandwiches and pastries prepared in the kitchen of ÉS Bisztró. Also available are healthy options, meat-free selections, bircher muesli and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

The “specialty coffee” trend is defined by its meticulous care from production to percolation and preparation. ÉS Deli’s blend follows this trend, with its coffee curated and percolated by the internationally renowned coffee expert Máté Nezvál.

The ÉS Deli blend features fresh flavours and a lightly percolated aroma, made from Cyebumba beans of Rwanda, and Finca Santa Paula beans of Guatemala, in equal measure. The Bourbon and Caturra varieties of Arabica are grown at an altitude of 1,477–1,700 m. Both estates stress the relevance of maintaining an active relationship with the farmers to ensure consistent quality, while the Guatemalan Finca Santa Paula is a 100% sustainable estate. The coffee beans are processed by washing and sun-drying, and percolated via several profiles. The resulting cherry and blackberry acids are balanced by ripe pear and sweet chocolate notes.

ÉS Deli is an ideal downtown location to meet your business partners or friends in a casual setting, or savour specialty coffee in the company of your computer.

Come and taste this unique coffee.

Open every day between 7:00 and 19:00.
Deák Ferenc utca 12 ÉS 14.


+36 20 474 5000