St. Martin's Day Goose Feast at ÉS Bisztró

In November we eat goose.

St.Martin’s Day customs and goose offers at ÉS Bisztró


Why we have goose on St.Martin’s Day?

Many European countries have had customs for St. Martin’s Day for centuries, most of them associated with goose coma and new wine.

The customs of Martin's Day are linked to the end of the year, the end of agricultural work and the approach of Advent, and to the legend that St. Martin tried to hide in a goose lodge when he wanted to be elected bishop, but the geese betrayed him with their gag.

Martin's Day is the last holiday before Christmas, so feasts, balls, and fairs were regular on this day. At such times, great eating and drinking were arranged so that there would be plenty to eat next year as well.


Have a feast with us, taste the classic Hungarian St. Martin's goose roast!


3-course set menu on 11th November on St.Martin’s Day at ÉS Bisztró


Fried goose liver with quince puree and potato doughnuts


Variations of goose:

- Arancini with goose rillette on red onion jam,

- Gizzard “vadas” with bread dumpling,

- Confit of breast with pumpkin mash and braised redcabbage


New style “lúdlab” dessert with pumpkin ice cream

The price of the 3-course dinner is HUF 11,500 + 12% service charge.

(All dishes can be ordered à la carte, too.)


Special whole goose offer for 4 people

Share the goose with your loved ones!

Whole roast Martin goose with own jus, glazed apples, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and potato dumpling.

Price of the dinner is  HUF 25,600 + 12% service charge, serves 4 people


Information and table reservation: 

Email us at or book through our online system.


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