Events at ÉS Bisztró

Organize your private family anniversaries and parties or company events with us.

Downtown location, in-house parking in Kempinski’s garage, 2 connected interior rooms and a big terrace await you on the stylish Fashion street in Budapest’s 5th district. 

Should you organize a birthday party, baptist, a high-school graduation party, or an anniversary, ÉS Bisztró with its perfect location, excellent service, and food concept will definitely amaze you and your guests.

If you organize a company event, contact us directly as we have fantastic creative ideas to prop up your event should it be a workshop, a management dinner, or a press event.

No matter if you have a smaller group of 10 people or a big party for 200 guests, you’ll find your table in our 2 interior but separated rooms and on the breezy terrace. One of our rooms (ÉS Two) can be completely separated from other restaurant guests thus you can truly enjoy your partners’ company. 

Ask for a quote and get a menu offering. Up to 8 people, we recommend á la carte service but above 8-10 people we suggest having your own menu with ÉS Bisztró’s specialties.

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