The largest terrace in downtown

Our big terrace will be open ont the 11th of April!


From spring to autumn, we prefer the terraces of restaurants. Although the air-conditioned interiors seem to be attractive when it is warm, the chilled, breezy terraces are more enjoyable for lunch or dinner.

The ÉS Bisztró's terrace - far away from the traffic in the downtown in Fashion Street – is looking forward to welcoming you. What can we offer?

The full food and drink offer from ÉS Bisztró

There is no compromise. You can ask for all your favourites outside too. The city's best steaks, legendary craft burgers and light salads are waiting for you. In addition, we have wonderful summer cocktails, refreshments and wines. Our champagne is also available as a supplement to a heavenly lunch or dinner.

Super-nice and professional service

We do not need to mention this, but we think it is one of the most important things during a restaurant experience.



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