Specialty coffee in ÉS Deli

What means "specialty coffee"?

We can drink more and more places really good coffees, but the real meaining of term 'specialty coffee' we hear just sometimes.

The specialty coffees has 5 important features:

  1. The terroir is really important. The quality depends on the numbers on sunn hours, amount of precipitation and when the rain falls. The coffee is very sensitive plant, more then grapes.
  2. Specialty coffee is always made from a carefully selected and only hand-picked coffee beans.
  3. Specialty coffee can only be made from high-grade coffee besns. Height above sea level is important because the acids, what gives the special taste of the specialty coffee.
  4. Made exclusively of 100% Arabica coffee beans.
  5. The carefully picked beans of specialty coffe are roasted lightly. The reason: they are really high quailty coffees, so we want to show the tase and quiality in the cups, not to cover them with dark roasting. Roasting is always done in small quantities.



(we serve in a cup, it is in glass in the photo for illustration)

  • Espresso is the building block of specialty coffees. Every other type of coffe made from this.
  • Contrary to popular belief, espresso contains minimal caffeine because of the low contact time.
  • It is a pleasure to drink it with several portions a day. ;)
  • The espresso cup is heated to 44 degrees. The coffee is made with 91-93 degrees of water, which makes it 2-3 cm from the machine to the cup. By the time the steaming coffee comes to the guest, it cools exactly 60 degrees, which can be consumed immediately.
  • We recommend it warmly, as the espresso aromas are best enjoyed in the first minutes.

Café Latte

  • The café latte is actually a big glass of milk with a mini espresso.
  • It was a kids drink in Italy because the parents had a lot of coffee, so the kids would have liked this experience. That's why they made a little espresso in a large glass of milk, so everyone was happy. While the kids had the experience of coffee, the parents were happy that the kids were drinking milk.

Flat white

  • Flat white is a very popular drink in Australia and New Zealand.
  • It's actually a double espresso with a thin milk foam.


  • Cappuccino is one of our most popular drinks.
  • Born from the marriage of 1 espresso and soft, creamy milk foam, we use this word because we really strive for harmony.

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