Turkey and goose delivery from ÉS Bisztró

Table-ready Turkey and Goose Delivery from ÉS Bisztró between 23rd November - 26th December 2020

The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day, one of the most important holidays in the United States. Families and friends gather for a traditional dinner, which is definitely the highlight of the celebration, with a roast turkey as the indispensable part of the meal.


Celebrate Thanksgiving at the comfort of your home; we will serve you a full Thanksgiving dinner.


I. Whole roast turkey

served with gravy, apple mousse, cranberry chutney, glazed carrots, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and stuffing

Price: HUF 49,000 + Ft 8,000 delivery fee

serves 8-10 people

II. Whole roast goose

with own jus, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, potato dumpling and onion potatoes

Price: HUF 38,000 + Ft 8,000 delivery fee

serves 4-6 people


An extra present:

The above prices include our pumpkin cheese pie and a bottle of red or white wine.


Please place your order a minimum of 72 hours before the requested delivery time. This o`er is subject to availability.


Information, order: info@esbisztro.hu  or +36 20 474 5065.

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